Fisher Alexander




I was born in Fort Worth, TX and raising just outside of New Orleans in Kenner, La.  While growing up I got a cassette recorder as a gift.  I use to record my favorite songs off the radio by holding the microphone next to the speaker.  It then progressed to me talking in between the songs pretending I was the DJ.  And then after watching the movie Good Morning Vietnam, I knew what I wanted to be.

I graduated from Northeast Louisiana University (now known as the University of Louisiana at Monroe) with a degree in Radio/TV/Film Production.  My first radio job after graduation was with The Radio People in Monroe, La.  I learned quite a bit during those early days as well as what it takes to be a Production Director.  In May of 2006 I relocated to Jackson, MS as the Production Director and a few months later I ended up on the air on US96.  In 2014 my wife was offered a job in Fort Worth, TX and so we loaded up a truck and made the trek to FWD.  Fast forward to May of 2018, I was offered a job back with US96.  It’s amazing how the good Lord works because things magically fell into place that enabled me to accept the job here.

My wife and I have a very spirited daughter that I enjoy talking about on the air.  Kids do say the darndest things.  My first country concert was Reba McEntire and her show just blew me away.  The reason I love working in Country Radio is because of how passionate the listeners are.  Country Music listeners are the best in the world and I greatly appreciate you letting me be a part of your day.