Crack the Cashpot Code

Listen every morning to Traci & Hef. At 6:20 they will announce the cash pot song of the day. They will also tell you what time it will play.

Be the 9th caller when that song ENDS and you will have the chance to guess the 4 digit Cashpot Code.

If you can guess the correct code, YOU WIN THE COUNTRY CASHPOT!!!

If you don’t get it right, we will tell you how many numbers you have correct.

If you know the secret word, you’ll get another guess. (You can get the secret word from the app and you can get the app here)

So just listen to Traci & Hef at 6:20. Get the song of the day and when it is going to play. Be the 9th caller when the song ends and guess the code to win the US 96 Country Cashpot.

Just that easy!!


Offical Rules

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What about duplicate numbers?

A: If the number is 0000 and you guess 0012 we will tell you that you have 2 numbers right.

Q: Do they have to be in a certain order?

A: Yes. This is just like the PIN number for your debt card.


Q: I can’t listen all day, how do I keep up with the numbers?

A: We run a promo with the numbers that were guessed twice an hour.


Q: Will you tell me if they are in the right spot?

A: No, we will only say if the numbers are correct. Not the location.