New South Radio EEO Schedule A

    EEO Public File Report-SCHEDULE A
            For the Following Stations: (WIIN-AM, WYOY-FM, WJKK-FM, WUSJ-FM, WSFZ-AM, WHJT-FM, W296DD  and W226BK)
February 1, 2019
Period:  This report covers the period from February 1, 2018 through January 31, 2019.
Vacancy-Specific Recruitment Information:
During the period covered by this report, WIIN, WYOY, WJKK, WUSJ, WSFZ, WHJT, W296DD and W226BK had three
vacancies for full-time positions at the station.  The following table presents information on those positions and the recruitment
sources used to fill those positions.  As of this date, no organizations have requested that Stations provide them notification
of job vacancies.  Attached is a list of the station’s recruitment source list.
Job Title Recruitment Recruitment Recruitment
Sources Sources of Source of Hiree
Utilized Interviewees
(Number of
ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE See attached list of recruitment 17(2) 17
sources (Schedule C) 19(1)
ON-AIR PERSONALITY/ See attached list of recruitment 15(1) 15
PROGRAMMING sources (Schedule C) 17(4)
PROGRAMMING/ See attached list of recruitment 15(1) 17
ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT sources (Schedule C) 17(4)